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Mother Earth Ceremony and Initation

Kundalini Ceremony and Initation

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Meditation evening

Purification, Energy treatment and Personality



All muscle sections are trained in this non-strenuous exercise that excludes jumping. The training puts emphasis on the critical parts of the body (stomach, bottom and thighs) and is suitable for all ages. Morning sessions also contain an “intimate PE” of the female “private parts,” which strengthens the muscles of the perinea, remedy problems related to the holding back of urination, heals some gynaecological problems and also haemorrhoid. It may also color our sexual life and contribute to a more complete experience of sexual pleasure.

- T-shirt
- leggings
- 1 pair socks

Price and sale

  Price Sale Valid
1 occasion / 55 min. 700 - -
1 month pass (6 occ./55 min.) 4 200 3 500 1 months



Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9.00 am – 9.55 am Gymnastics
with intimate PE.
with intimate PE.
5 pm – 6 pm   Bomba Form
  Bomba Form

There is no need to register in before the classes.



The natural source of infrared radiation is the sun. Discover the wonderful secret of artificial infrared radiation. Infra-radiation is perfectly harmless, it is also used for the heating of infant incubators. 

Maximum 4 seats.

It can be used occasionally or as a cure. Regular use is more beneficial (once or twice a week, or even daily). Prior to and after the use of the infrasauna it is important to drink 4dls of mineral water. The INFRATHERM sitting-sauna can sit four people at a time. You can enter the sauna once you have cleaned the make-up from your face and have removed body lotion from your body. You may wear a cotton T shirt and tie a towel around your waist, or wear a longer cotton shirt-dress in the sauna. The cabin reaches the ideal temperature within a minute.
Intensive sweating begins 5-10 minutes after the start. The complete time-span of a single occasion is 30 minutes. Sweating increases metabolism, and helps clean the entire system. It is suggested that clients take a hot or warm shower immediately after the sauna.

Advantages of the infrasauna:

  • de-toxicates; treats cellulitis
  • helps reduce weight: is very efficient because you may lose between 300-600 Kcals
  • it beautifies facial and body skin, cleanses pores, regenerates cells (The benevolent influence of the treatment can be detected in the disappearance of spots, the delayed appearance of wrinkles, and in its contribution to the erasure of devitalized epidermic tissue.)
  • provides warm-up to the muscles before doing sports and their relaxation after sports
  • reduces stress and allergy symptoms
  • decreases complaints regarding the digestive organs
  • strengthens blood circulation and the immune system
  • improves physical and mental productivity

Treatments are prohibited with the following health problems:
high blood pressure, during infection, infectious or inflammatory diseases, pregnancy.


- T-shirt
- 1 big sized towel
- 1 normal size towel
Under the influence of aroma-therapy and music the body, the soul and the mind become more balanced and relaxed, inner harmony is restored.



Finnish sauna

Time span
30 minutes
1-2 hours
Cabin temperature
80-100 ˚C
The ratio of body and cabin temperature
Body 80%, Cabin 20%
Body 20%, Cabin 80%
The depth that heat penetrates into the body
5 mm
1 mm
Toxic matter leaving the body, in the ratio of the total perspiration in %
Rate of perspiration compared with the figures of the Finnish sauna
Rate of non-hydraulic loss
Rate of de-toxication

Price and sale

  Price Sale Valid
1 occasion
1 300 -  
1 month pass (4 occ.)
5 200 4 000 1 months


Wave massage

wave massage

The machine multiplies the efficiency of traditional massages, providing a lymphatic massage. As a result roughage and toxic matter leave, the flexibility of the connective tissue is restored.

During the treatment a pair of “boots” are put on the legs, and a belt is attached to the area of the hip over the client’s T- shirt. The press-therapy machine blows air into the chambers (in the boot and the belt). First the chamber around the toes is filled up with air, then the ankle-, the shin-, the knee-, the thigh- and finally the hip belt- and the trunk areas follow, in the order of the lymphatic flow. In the next step the machine starts sucking out the air in a reverse order, and then restarts the process through 30 minutes. In the treatment of cellulitis 3 times a week, whereas with lymphatic massage a daily cure is suggested. A 10-occasion pass results in a 1-3 kg weight loss, and a 1-5 cm reduction in outline.

- Lmphatic massage:

Surplus roughage and toxic matter are extracted from the lymphatic cells and the intercellular regions. Our heart works like an active pump, keeping up the constant flow of the blood in the body. The lymphatic liquid is pushed by the artery system in between the tissues, and then a large percentage of this matter is transmitted on by the veins. The left-over liquid rich in protein or fat contains “broken fragments” which the lymphatic system itself has to filter.
- Cellulitis treatment:
Cellulitis is a gel-like substance, which contains fat, liquid and roughage. These accumulate right below the skin surface. The treatment helps to remove these “substances” and return them into the blood or lymphatic flow.
- Treatment of varicose veins:
Since there is virtually no blood flow in the varicose veins, the fullers (blood-channels) are incapable of regurgitating the blood with sufficient efficiency, thus more are more liquid gets stuck between the tissues. (The treatment helps to prevent or slow down this process.)
- Treatment of oedematose limbs:
It helps to carry away the liquid accumulated in the joints. Thus movements become easier.
- Treatment of oedematose limbs:
It helps to carry away the liquid accumulated in the joints. Thus movements become easier.
- Treatment of haematoma-blood blockage:
It helps the resorption of haematomas caused by minor bumps or collisions.
- Constipation:
Related problems may vanish or improve as the lower stomach massage increases bowel movement.
Treatments are prohibited with the following health problems:
people with malignant tumor (or cyst), heart condition, high blood pressure, phlebitis, thrombosis, during pregnancy, breast-feeding and menstruation.

- Cotton leggings
- 1 pair socks

Price and sale

  Price Sale Valid
1 occasion
2 200 -  
1 month pass (4 occ.)
8 800 8 000 1 month


Foot massage / Reflexology

foot massage

Freedom for the feet!
Massaging the foot with stimulation of the right point increases the blood of the assigned organ, improves metabolism, lymph circulation, thus it mobilize the self-healing powers of the body.
Using it regularly you can help to restore the health of your organs.

Treatments are prohibited with the following health problems:
Vascular lesion, thrombosis, endangered pergnancy, foot fungus, pacemaker, heart disease, wound or ulcer, fracture or sprain, inflammation, varicose disease, swollen legs
- 1 pair socks

Price and sale

  Price Sale Valid
1 occasion
600 -  
1 month pass (4 occ.)
2 400 2 100 1 month


Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 10 am – 12 am and 5 pm - 6.30 pm.

Please call me: Anita Körtvélyesi: +36/70/7769326

Adress: Debrecen, Piac St. 68. I/2.